Conference 2021

Conference Theme: 

“Teaching controversial and emotive topics in a diverse society”

Conference Programme 1-2 October 2021

Programme abstracts

Sub Themes:
• Teaching History as a means to promote explanatory, analytical and interpretative skills amongst learners.
• The role of history teaching in a society in transformation.
• The untold stories/silences in history curriculum and textbooks.
• Confronting controversial topics in History.
• Threats and opportunities of History teaching and learning in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
• Keeping History alive and relevant in a 21st century classroom.
NOTE: Papers and panels on other history education topics (including for poster presentations and workshops) are also most welcome.

Download the conference flyer for further information: SASHT conference 2021

Types of Presentations


Use MS-Word, Arial 11 pt font, 1.5 spacing.
• The maximum length is 300 words including keywords or phrases.
• Full contact details and institutional affiliation of authors must be given.
Paper Presentations: The length of paper presentations will be confined to 20 minutes each, with a 10-minute allocation for questions and/or discussion.
Workshop Presentations: The workshop presentations will be allocated 45 minutes each inclusive of the question and discussion session.
Poster Presentations: Poster presentations will be allocated 5 minutes presentation time per poster and an additional 5 minute slot for question and comments (should you require additional time for your presentation, please stipulate your request when submitting the abstract).

The abstracts will be evaluated on the following criteria:
• Relevance, significance, and currency of the presentation to the theme and sub-themes;
• Theoretical and practical application of the presentation; and
• Coherence, clarity, and focus of the presentation.
PLEASE NOTE: Even if accepted, no abstract will be included in the Final Programme and Book of Abstracts if full payment for registration has not been received by 10 September 2021.

Registration Fee

1. Join SASHT or renew your membership for 2021 for R150 and all sessions are FREE.
2. Pay R50 per session.

1. Present a paper and attend the conference
for free.
2. Join SASHT for R100 and get all sessions FREE.
3. Pay R20 per session.

NB! All new members who wish to join SASHT must complete the Membership Application form  (top right of this page).
This form must be submitted with your proof of payment when reserving your virtual seat for the conference.
All payments must be made to the South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT)
Bank: Absa
Account Number: 678209406
Branch: Centurion
Payment Reference: SASHT2021
Proof of payment must be sent to and

Future Publication of Papers

Papers (maximum 20 pages) must be electronically available at the conference to download for the purpose of peer reviewing and possible publication in the next edition of the SASHT accredited journal, Yesterday&Today. When presenting an article, please study the reference and author guidelines in the most recent edition of the journal, which is available on the SASHT website at