Mr. Barry Firth (Chair)

Barry Firth teaches History and History Education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology ( Mowbray Campus) working, primarily, with future primary school teachers. He believes that History, in the primary school, is a neglected discipline which requires equal consideration as History in the FET and higher education. Of specific interest to him is the role textbooks play in making knowledge accessible to learners and teachers. Having taught History in both private and public schools, both rural and urban in different provinces (the Northern Cape, Limpopo and the Western Cape) he has come to realise that all children have a need to develop the ability to make sense of their past: for only then could they meaningfully contribute towards the shaping of a common future.

Barry is marred to Lynne and, over weekends, repairs old motorcycles as a hobby. It connects him to the challenges associated with entropy.

Barry completed his undergraduate studies at UWC in 1991. He completed a B.Ed Honours through UNISA in 2008. In 2013 he completed his Masters in Education (Cum Laude in the dissertation) from UCT. He is currently engaged in reading towards a Ph.D., also through UCT.

He believes that the development of our discipline is linked to our relationship with the continent. He expresses the hope that our collective efforts will allow for the emergence of a praxis that is inclusive of the aspirations of its people.