Ms. Rika Kroon

Rika Kroon is deputy principal at Rhenish Girls’ High School in Somerset West. She previously served as history educator and deputy principal of Rand Girls’ High School in Johannesburg. She is married to Philip and, when not educating, enjoys spending time with family and friends or reading a good historical novel.

Rika obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Ed) from Rand Afrikaans University in 1984, followed by her honours in 1986.  In 2015, she obtained her Masters in Education from University of Johannesburg and was awarded the Chancellors’ medal for the best student.  She completed her PhD in 2020.

Rika is passionate about teaching and treasures the opportunity to work with growing children. She has a positive outlook on life and displays a natural ability to motivate and inspire people. She has strong leadership qualities and believes that to lead well requires listening well.