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susan bester
Surname: BESTER
Name: Susanna Jacoba (Susan)
Address: 22 Villa Seville, Bach Straat, Van der Hoffpark,
Contact numbers: (018) 2907256 0822938709
E-mail address:
ID-number: 570 610 0047080
Date of birth: 10 June 1957
Gender: Female
Marital status: Single
Nationality: South African
Language: Afrikaans-English
Health: Good

School: High School Schweizer-Reneke
Year: 1971-1975
Subjects: Afrikaans, English, Mathematics,
Mathematics, Biology, Accounting

Potchefstroomse Onderwys Kollege / Potchefstroom Teachers College (POK)

Year: January 1977-December 1980
Qualification: THOD
Media User Guidance
Bible Studies
Northern Sotho

Noordwes-Universiteit / North-West University

Qualification: BA-Degree
Hoofvakke / Majors
Biblical science
Qualification: BA Honours Degree
Titel / Title:
Die ontstaan en ontwikkeling van plaaslike bestuursstrukture en die ontplooiing daarvan in Ipelegeng naby Scheizer-Reneke.

Qualification: MA Degree
Titel / Title:
Ipelegeng, 1918-1994: van plakkerskamp tot dorpsgrond: ’n Historiese studie.
Qualification: Ph.D Degree
Titel / Title:
Die ontwikkeling en invloed van die Elektrotegniese Aannemersvereniging in die Suid Afrikaanse Ekonomie 1948-2000.

Presented a paper during the 16th biennial conference of the South African Historical Society
Titel / Title:
Voorvalle in die hantering van grondbesit en landelike vestiging in die Schweizer Reneke gebied, 1918-1966.

Presented a paper during the annual conference of the South African Society of History Teaching (SASHT) (2009)
Titel / Title:
Research framework for the development and evaluation of educational DVD’s and Wed-based multimedia clips for Grade 8 and 9 History.

Presented a paper during the 26th South African Society for History Teaching
2012 Annual Conference.
Titel / Title:
Collecting and organising the multimedia components for the development of educational DVDS and multimedia clips for grade 10 history: the French revolution – some practical guidelines

BESTER, S.J & VAN EEDEN, E.S., 1999, “Grondregte in die proses van dorpsontwikkeling vir swartes in die Schweizer-Reneke gebied tot 1962”, Historia, 44(2) November 1999.
BESTER, S.J., ELS, C.J. &, BLIGNAUT, S., 2009, “Research framework for the Development and Evaluation of Educational DVDs and Web-Based Multi-Media Clips for Grade 8 and 9 History”, Yesterday & Today, 4 October 2009.
BESTER S.J. & KRUGER, C.J., 2008, Die grondproblematiek in Suid Afrika: ‘n histo-geopolitieke oorsig.

Noordwes Universiteit (Fakulteit Opvoedingswetenskappe) /
North-West University (Faculty of Educational Science)

Teaching first, second, third and fourth year undergraduate History modules.
Development of study guides
Collect archival material and put the collections on the database of the achieve of the Northwest University.
Project leader: Development and compiling of the Education Museum (North-West University)

Part of the workshop to formulate new module outcomes according to the new CAPS document (Curriculum and Assessment Policy for the BEd/PGCE programmes and planning of the programmes in the subject group: History.
Currently I am, in collaboration with the development team of d-Media, busy developing an interactive DVD about the French Revolution for Grade 10s.

Open Learning Group Academy
Facilitation and Marking and Moderation of examination papers

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