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At present I am a lecturer in History in Education at the Wits School of Education. My responsibilities include ensuring that our pre-service teachers are exposed to academic History and to the latest approaches to the teaching of the subject in the primary schools and the high schools. The topics that I teach are Ancient Egypt, American colonial history, South Africa from 1838-1948, the Cold War and confronting traumatic pasts in teaching the Holocaust and scientific racism in Australia. Our BEd Programme at the Wits School of Education incorporates Historical Knowledge and pedagogy. My passion is to support young teachers is terms of teaching difficult and emotive subjects as I think it is something that we have tended to just take for granted in the past. I am completing my Masters research on investigating how our pre-service teachers in the Social Science Courses are challenged by not having a disciplinary background in History. Many of these young people have Geography as a Matric subject and are then expected to teach both subjects in primary schools and in some high schools up to Grade 9. This research has given me fresh insights into what it means to study history and ultimately to teach it. I look forward to sharing this with other teacher educators.

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