SASHT e-History Newsletter, Vol. 2 (April 2010)

Dear History Education colleagues,

Welcome to the second edition of the relaunched South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT) newsletter. The rationale behind the creation of this newsletter is not only to promote the SASHT and its activities and to provide a service to its members, but also to attempt to create a platform for History Educators to share ideas about good practice in terms of teaching and learning in our subject. As such we hope that this newsletter will travel far and wide to both members and non-members and in future become a voice for all History Educators. At this stage it is heartening for us to report that we have had positive feedback on the first newsletter. In fact, parts of the first newsletter were used at a training workshop for independent schools.

In this edition we have attempted to continue the work started in the first newsletter by offering “practical, useable and doable ideas” to History teachers. Please remember that these are merely ideas from History colleagues so please do use it creatively and critically. In this edition we bring you the realistic way in which Dee Gillespie of Jeppe Girls’ High teaches Apartheid by means of a school-wide simulation. Heritage also comes under the spotlight. Claire Bastion of Northlands Girls’ High shares her project-based approach to teaching Heritage with us, while Johan Wassermann and Siobhan Sweet have provided a “workbook” on doing Heritage.

For more information about the SASHT and its flagship publication the Yesterday & Todayplease visit our website at Incidentally, the next edition of the Yesterday & Todaywill be published in May 2010 and will also be available on the SASHT website.

It was initially hoped to hold the September 2010 conference in Bloemfontein at the University of the Free State, but problems have cropped up with this arrangement. We should be able to tell you where the conference will be held in the next newsletter due out in July 2010.

Happy reading and please let us know what you think and let the contributions roll in for the idea is that this must be a practical publication for use by History Educators.

The Editors

In this edition:

  • Getting to grips with the Heritage Outcome
  • Getting to grips with Heritage in Grade 11
  • Apartheid simulation exercise
  • Book review by Simon Haw

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