SASHT e-History Newsletter, Vol. 3 (September 2010)

Dear History Education colleagues,

Welcome to the third edition of the South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT) newsletter. As stated in the previous newsletter, the rationale behind this is not only to promote the SASHT and its activities and to provide a service to its members, but also to attempt to create a platform for history educators to share ideas about good practice in terms of teaching and learning. Please help us by distributing the newsletter far and wide to especially non-members. We can, at this stage, report that we have had positive feedback on the first two newsletters.

In this edition we have continued the theme started in the previous newsletter by offering “practical, useable and doable ideas” to history teachers on the heritage outcome. It was decided to revisit this theme again because it is also the theme for the upcoming SASHT conference in September. More information on this can be found on the society website and further on in this newsletter. In this edition, apart from what are fast becoming features in the newsletters such as book reviews, we have two different perspectives on heritage by Fru Nkwenti and Michelle Koekemoer as well as an opinion piece by Dominic Sandbrook, which brings a British perspective to the debate, while the local history of the conference area is interrogated by Simon Haw. An activity on heritage, history, culture and identity by Johan Wassermann is also included.

For more information about the SASHT and its flagship publication the Yesterday & Today please visit our website at Incidentally, the latest edition of the Yesterday & Today is now available on the SASHT website.

Happy reading and please let us know what you think and let the contributions roll in for the idea is that this must be a practical publication for use by history educators.

The Editors

In this edition:

  • The case for teaching heritage in schools
  • Is the heritage outcome achieving its aims?
  • Teaching tip—Debates
  • Many historians dislike the heritage industry out of sheer snobbery
  • History and culture, identity and heritage
  • Heritage hotspot
  • Conference 2010
  • Book review by Simon Haw
  • The lighter side of history

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