Yesterday & Today: No. 15 (July 2016)

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You will find the following in this edition.


  • “Creating a British World: British colonial teachers and the Anglicising of Afrikaner children” by Cheryl S le Roux
  • “Using life stories to teach about resistance to apartheid” by Helen Ludlow
  • “Thoughts about the historiography of veracity or ‘truthfulness’ in understanding and teaching History in South Africa” by Elize S van Eeden
  • “Inclusive histories for inclusive futures: Interactions and entanglements then and now” by Jared McDonald
  • “‘Making History compulsory’: Politically inspired or pedagogically justifiable?” by M Noor Davids

Hands-on Articles

  • “A systematic method for dealing with source-based questions” by Simon Haw
  • “Innovative ways to teach the youth lessons from South Africa’s historical legacies” by Jan Malan

Book Reviews

  • Ian Liebenberg, Jorge Risquet and Vladimir Shubin, A Far-Away War: Angola, 1975–1989 (reviewed by André Wessels)
  • Roger Southall, The New Black Middle Class in South Africa (reviewed by Simphiwe Ngwane)
  • Ron Lock, Tales of the Old East Coast from Zululand to the Cape (reviewed by Thembani Hlatswayo)