Yesterday & Today: No. 16 (December 2016)

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You will find the following in this edition.


  • “A History teacher educator’s reflections after classroom observations: The need for multi-perspectives, oral history and historiography in a history methodology course” by Reville Nussey
  • “The South African high school history curriculum and the politics of gendering decolonisation and decolonising gender” by Lindsay Wills
  • “The depiction of women in the verbal text of a junior secondary Malawian history textbook—An analysis” by Annie F Chiponda & Johan Wassermann
  • “Utilising the Stone Age for sport historical teaching” by Francois Johannes Cleophas
  • “The development of Afrocentricity: A historical survey” by Midas Chawane

Hands-on Articles

  • “Assessment in the teaching of Holocaust history and Theories of Race” by Lesley Cushman
  • “Some considerations for history teachers in acknowledging and valuing heritage and teaching good citizenship at schools in a post-colonial, post-apartheid era” by Paul M Haupt

Book Reviews

  • Michael Morris, Every Step of the Way: The Journey to Freedom in South Africa (reviewed by Leevina Iyer)
  • Philip Kgosana, Lest We Forget: An Autobiography (reviewed by Bafana Mpanza)