Yesterday & Today: No. 17 (July 2017)

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You will find the following in this edition:


  • “The effect of multimedia use on the teaching and learning of Social Sciences at tertiary level: A case study” by Luiza de Sousa, Barry Richter & Carisma Nel
  • “The impact of social media on History education: A view from England” by Terry Haydn
  • “Student protest and the culture of violence at African universities: An inherited ideological trait” by Kehdinga G Fomunyam
  • “‘Word generation’ and skills around learning and teaching History” by Sarah Godsell
  • “Underperformance in Social Studies in Grades 5–7 in Namibian primary schools: A case study” by Arend E Carl & Theopolina AN Negumbo
  • “Learners’ encounter with archaeological fieldwork: A public participation archaeology account of the East Fort Archaeological Project” by Anton C van Vollenhoven, Karin Scott & Mariette Harcombe
  • “Contemporary relevance—A category of historical science and of the didactics of history and its consequences in teacher training” by Elisabeth Erdmann

Hands-on Articles

  • “Nostalgia, memory and History teaching and learning” by Barry W Firth
  • “Crossing the ‘chalkboard-keyboard-divide’ on a shoestring budget” by Rika Odendaal

Book Reviews

  • Colin Bundy, A Jacana Pocket History—Poverty in South Africa: Past and Present (reviewed by Jugathambal Ramdhani)
  • Daniel Magaziner, The Art of Life in South Africa (reviewed by Simphiwe Ngwane)