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Date of birth20 September 1952.
Place of birth: Durban, South Africa.

  • Attended University of the Witwatersrand and Johannesburg College of Education.
  • Obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1972, majoring in History and English.
  • Obtained a Transvaal Teachers’ Higher Diploma in 1973, majoring in History and English.
  • Obtained a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in 1974, specialising in History.
  • Obtained a Bachelor of Education Degree in 1978, specialising in Sociology of Education.
Employment History:

  • Employed as assistant at Greenside High School from 1 January 1975 to teach history.
  • Obtained 3 merit promotions (classified as M3.)
  • Appointed administrative head of history at Greenside in 1978.
  • Appointed Head of Department (History) in October 1984.
  • Resigned from Greenside at the end of 1992 in order to take up Head of History at Crawford College.
  • Head of History at Crawford College from 1 January 1993 to the present.
  • Appointed Co-ordinator of the College (equivalent to Deputy) in 1998.
  • Officially given the title of “Deputy Principal” in 2003.
Educational, Historical and Curriculum Activities outside school:

  • I was appointed to the Transvaal Education Department study committee for history in 1981 and served on this body until the T.E.D. closed in 1996.  This body planned and gave advice for history syllabi, examinations and other aspects of policy.  As part of this, I also served on syllabus and media
  • I was appointed to the Gauteng Department of Education L.A.C. at its inception and was also an executive member of the History Focus sub-committee.
  • I was appointed to the examination panel for history in 1984 and set the T.E.D. history paper from 1985 until 1995.  I was re-appointed by the Gauteng Department of Education from 1996 until 2002.  In 2003, I was appointed moderator of the South African history paper, a position which I continue to hold until the present.
  • I was a marker of history external examinations from 1976 to 1982.  I was appointed as a chief marker for history in 1983 and held this position until 2002, after which I became the moderator for the paper.
  • I was part of the N.E.T.F. committee that drew up interim syllabus changes and subject policy at a national level in 1995-96.  I was at that stage appointed as a NAPTOSA representative to the National Committee for History.
  • As an examiner, I helped to draft the policy in connection with the interim history examinations and addressed various conferences around the province in connection with the new examination structure.  In addition, I organised 3 further conferences at the Johannesburg College of Education in connection with continuous assessment, aspects of the new junior syllabi and marking of examinations.
  • I was invited to speak at the 1988 history conference at the University of Pretoria.  I was invited to deliver a paper at the Historical Conference at the University of Stellenbosch in January 1994.
  • I have published :
    • Various articles in the magazine Curricom.
    • An article on “Teaching Apartheid” in “Yesterday and Today” Sept. 1993.
    • A chapter on Latin American history in ‘Geskiedenis in Aksie’ (Std 10)
    • Study guides for Grades 10 to 12 history for Kagiso publishers.
  • I helped to develop a series of historical videos for Kagiso publishers.
  • I was involved with developing a new set of history textbooks with Kagiso (revising ‘Active History’ and writing ‘History Quest’.)
  • I have co-authored booklets on ‘South African History 1948-76’ (Skeleton Series); South Africa 1948-94 (for Macmillan)
  • I have co-authored the X-Kits study guide for Grade 12 history.
  • I have taught at Star Schools since 1990.
  • I have taught at the BP/Sowetan Rewrite School since 1992.
Other Achievements in School:

  • I was appointed phase tutor or standard controller every year at my schools from 1985 until 1998 when I was appointed co-ordinator.  This meant that I was in charge of various grades, advising on courses and consulting with parents.
  • I have taught history from Grade 8 to Grade 12 since 1975.
  • I am also qualified to teach English, Geography and Afrikaans.
  • I have been in charge of media hardware and software at the school.
  • I am computer-literate, working with a PC at home and at school on various administrative programmes.
  • I have been in charge of minutes of meetings, bell administration and general school organisation for many years.  I have worked on timetable committees for 15 years and am one of the chief timetablers at Crawford College.
  • I have chaired the administrative committee at Crawford College and have co-ordinated the college diary since July 1994.
  • I have coached cricket at Under 14 and 2nd team level (from 1975 to 1991)
  • I have supervised Boys’ Squash from 1981 to 1992.
  • I have taken many historical tours and excursions away over a period of 16 years.  I have run a history society at school and presided over two historical banquets.



  • I have been happily married since July 1983.
  • My wife and I have two children aged 19 and 16.
  • We are practising catholics at Yeoville parish.
  • I have been convenor of readers for 20 years at the parish, and have chaired the liturgy committee there.  I am currently chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council.
  • Other interests are :  current affairs, reading, sport, films and staying physically and mentally fit!

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