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Elize S van Eeden (South Africa)

Elize completed the first degree in 1981 (University of Johannesburg South Africa). In 1985 she obtained the BA Honours in History(University of South Africa, Pretoria); the MA in History with distinction (North-West University) with the dissertation titled: Die geskiedenis van die Gatsrand vanaf die vestiging van die Trekkergemeenskap omstreeks 1839 tot die proklamering van Carletonville in 1948 [Directly translated: “The History of the Gatsrand since the settlement of the first Emigrants known as the Trekkers/Voortrekkers up to the proclamation of the town Carletonville”]. Thereafter the PhD was obtained in 1992 with research on: Ekonomiese ontwikkeling en die invloed daarvan op Carletonville, 1948-1988: ’n Historiese studie [Directly translated:”Economic development and its influence on Carletonville in the period 1948-1988”].

Elize started her professional career in 1982 as teacher. In 1986 she made a short appearance as regional researcher at the Potchefstroom Museum. In July 1986 her career as research scientist started at the former Potchefstroom University [The present day North-West University]. In 2000 she was promoted to associate professor. From 2002 she is in employed at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the Northwest University in the School for Basic Sciences and was promoted to full professor in 2009.

From 1985 to 2010 Elize has published widely. These include 60 articles in accredited academic journals; Contributions in various other journals, yearbooks textbooks and the publication of more than 12 local, corporate and general history book publications. Amongst others she wrote the book: “Didactical guidelines for teaching history in a changing South Africa” (1999). In 2008 she was honoured as the most active researcher of the Vaal Triangle Campus and one of the top ten researchers of the North West University. Currently she is involved in funded (NRF and WRC) projects dealing with integrative multidisciplinary research in local ecohealth matters (inclusive of the positioning of the humanities in integrative research). She acts as project coordinator for research in the School of Basic Science.

Elize currently is chairperson of the South African Society for History Teaching and editor of the accredited peer reviewed scientific journals Yesterday and Today and New Contree. She also is an editorial member of three other journals and a member of five history related societies.

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