SASHT Conference 2010

Golden Gate

Conference Feedback 2010
Chairperson’s Report (PDF, 117kb)
Photos of Conference
Exploring Heritage In The Classroom: Towards Debalkinising Nation Building – Boitumelo Moreeng (PDF, 538kb)
Simplifying the assessment of heritage assignment – Buti Kompi (PDF, 235kb)
Carnarvon: Reflections on Attempts at Heritage – How to teach heritage in a meaningful way (PDF, 3,258kb)
Ideas from the conference – Dee Gillespie (PDF, 55kb)
Instructions for the French Revolution: Chain of events – Dee Gillespi (PDF, 66kb)
Why re-invent the wheel? – Dee Gillespi (PDF, 10,158kb)
Visiting struggle memorials – Jackie Grobler (PDF, 5,362kb)
Monument Trails – JPD Strauss (PDF, 4,103kb)

MONUMENT TRAILS Johann Strauss (NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus) (PDF, 54kb)

Monuments Of Patriotism: The Commemoration Of Warrior Kings In Limpopo Province, South Africa – Lawrence Thotse (PDF, 1,563kb)
THE HOLOCAUST: Lessons for humanity: Teaching the Holocaust in Post – Apartheid South Africa. – Marlene Silbert (PDF, 47kb)
4 Identity – Marlene Silbert (PDF, 920kb)
Starting Up a School Museum by Matthew Marwick (PDF, 1,567kb)
Why Heritage In History Curriculum? – Mosebetsi Mofokeng (PDF, 225kb)

The School As A Microcosm Of Communities And Their Heritage And The Need To Encapsulate This In The Writing Of School Histories – Paul M Haupt (PDF, 23kb)

The value and role of cemeteries: Designing a possible methodology for teaching heritage to History learners – Pieter Warnich (PDF, 406kb)
Empowering Secondary School Teachers To Teach History And Heritage Through Open And Distance Learning – Riette Lubbe (PDF, 112kb)
Getting your hands dirty – Simon Haw (PDF, 5,206kb)
Brandwater Basin (PDF, 756kb)
What’s in a monument – Simon Haw (PDF, 5,206kb)
The Power Of Power: Industrial Heritage in Development Projects and in the History Curriculum – Sue Krige (PDF, 16,073kb)
‘The Power Of Power’: The Uses Of Industrial Heritage, And Power Stations In Particular, In Contemporary Development Projects And In The History Curriculum – Sue Krige (PDF, 142kb)
How To Guide Learners To Ultimately Produce A Heritage Documentary Movie – Tienie Beukes (PDF, 1,537kb)

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