South African Society for History Teaching

SASHT Conference 2015

Our successful 2015 conference has been and gone!  For those who missed it, here are some photographs from the conference, our guest speaker (Barney Pityana)’s address, Elize van Eeden (our chairperson)’s address and some photographs from the conference.  Enjoy!!

BPityanas presentation-10Oct2015

Elize v Eeden – SASHT-Presidential Speech-10 October 2015-SASHT-Conference- Limpopo

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Barry Firth -SASHT 2015 Presentation

Francois Cleophas-Lecture 7 Stone Age

Gengs Pillay-ANNEXURE 1

Gengs Pillay-ANNEXURE 2

Gengs Pillay-ANNEXURE 3

Johan Wassermann-Why do learners choose History in Gr 10

Marj-Brown-Mogopa as a case study on Forced removals

Phillip Modisakeng- SASHT (2015) Limpopo_1

Pieter Warnich-SASHT Polokwane (2015)

Siobhan-Using picturebooks to teach visual literacy in history Limpopo Conference 2015


SASHT Assessment Summary 10 October 2015