The South African Society for History Teaching

1986-2010 – A focus of 24 years on trends of regression and progression as Society


A society for history teaching was formally established in 1986. This Society held national conferences on a bi-annual basis. This broadened the pool of possible contributions for the Yesterday & Today Journal (founded in 1981) substantially.

Since 1986 it all along remained an uphill struggle to maintain the position of history as an important school subject in the face of a host of negative issues that impacted on history. In short an historical and materialistic time and age had a negative influence on history as a school subject. The uncertainty and new priorities of a new political dispensation were not helpful either. Old prejudices and perceptions around power structures aggravated the tensions. A number of tertiary institutions took the responsibility for organising SASHT conferences. The intention with this paper is to focus on the following aspects regarding the SASHT:

A short history

Structure, role and impact

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