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 A very successful 2017 international conference – “History from the Core to Zero Gravity” – was held at the Riverside Sun Hotel,  a lovely venue on the banks of the Vaal River!

Here are some of the powerpoints and presentations that were given at this international conference.


SASHT_Who? What? Where? When?

Presentation South Africa_Bernhard

Indigenous Knowledge presentation

We don’t need no Roman Empire in Slovakia

Many more to come!! Please watch this space!!

Annual SASHT Conference

  2017 Conference

2016 Conference

2016 Conference!!

Here are many of the interesting, informative and sometimes controversial presentations from the 2016 conference!

Now that we have a short break away from the classroom/lecture hall, perhaps this is a good time to reflect on them.















SASHT Conference 2015

Our successful 2015 conference has been and gone!  For those who missed it, here are some photographs from the conference, our guest speaker (Barney Pityana)’s address, Elize van Eeden (our chairperson)’s address and some photographs from the conference.  Enjoy!!

BPityanas presentation-10Oct2015

Elize v Eeden – SASHT-Presidential Speech-10 October 2015-SASHT-Conference- Limpopo

DSC_0585 DSC_0598 DSC_0604 DSC_0611 DSC_0614 DSC_0615 DSC_0621 DSC_0634 DSC_0640 DSC_0658 DSC_0670 DSC_0694 DSC_0705 DSC_0716 DSC_0732 DSC_0787 DSC_0788 DSC_0789

Barry Firth -SASHT 2015 Presentation

Francois Cleophas-Lecture 7 Stone Age

Gengs Pillay-ANNEXURE 1

Gengs Pillay-ANNEXURE 2

Gengs Pillay-ANNEXURE 3

Johan Wassermann-Why do learners choose History in Gr 10

Marj-Brown-Mogopa as a case study on Forced removals

Phillip Modisakeng- SASHT (2015) Limpopo_1

Pieter Warnich-SASHT Polokwane (2015)

Siobhan-Using picturebooks to teach visual literacy in history Limpopo Conference 2015


SASHT Assessment Summary 10 October 2015


SASHT Conference 2014

Here are some of the Powerpoint presentations and/or Word documents that were given at the 2014 conference.  Hope you find them useful!

1) SS Mendi Paper SASHT 10 October 2014

2) Dingane-Retief Treaties

3) The American Indian Civil Rights Movement

4) Diluting History in the quest for social justice

5) History teachers as activists.

 6 – Beyond Blame and Victimhood on Apartheid

7)Thinking about the curriculum internationally

8) Enhancing parental involvement in the Social Sciences

9) Heritage sites – Melville Koppies

10a) – Military History – Using the Real Thing.

10b) – Military History – Using the Real Thing slides.

11) Inspiring Learners – Getting the Recipe Right.

12 – From the history lecture room to the school classroom

13) Teaching History Through Thinking Maps

14a) Cellphone Use in the Classroom

15) The Maties who caused all the trouble

16) Running in and away from the archives

17) Telling stories or teaching historical thinking

18) The Historical Literacy of secondary school teachers

20 – Rwandan History teachers and drawings on Genocide

21 – Re-thinking History teaching – Argentina.



SASHT Conference 2012

History conference 2012

SASHT Conference 2012 – Western Cape

What’s the fuss about chocolate

Blowing your own trumpet long version

The Coachman’s Cottage 1

dr visser

Oral history in the classroom

2012 history education in uk and SA

AE Carl-War remembrances-SASHT 4-5 Okt 2012


A sport historical exploration of mission school sport1


SASHT presentation

06 Carry On

Asimbonanga de Johnny Clegg Savuka – YouTube

SASHT Conference 2011


willow park

Conference Photos 2011 Welcome

Conference Photos 2011 – Professor Trumpelmann

2011 Conference Photographs of Presenters

2011 Conference Photographs The Suit of Armour

2011 Conference Photographs Our Keynote Speakers

2011 Conference Photos Work and Discussion

Jimmy Verner & Rob Siebörger summary report

The Face of the Future Mary Moeketsi and Baloyi contributions

Women in History textbooks – Wassermann Chipionda

NNieftagodien Keynote Address on Youth in History SASHT 23Sep11

M Trumpelmann-Commemorating some milestones of the SASHT

M Koekemoer – Educating the Nation about Union

Young and modelled by history

AE Carl & ML van Wyk – The Portfolio

CAPS SASHT Presentation 240911 Rob and Gail

Commemorating some milestones of the SASHT 


Getting Your Hands Dirty – Simon Haw

Holocaust powerpoint

What makes a good history examination Rob and Gail

Rob Sieborger& Gail Weldon on Exams

Nokuzola Bikwana on the Holocaust

SAHO by Verushka Jardine


Siobhan Glanvill-Analysing the construction of South African youth

sa history online presentation_sep 2011


SASHT Conference 2010

Golden Gate

Conference Feedback 2010
Chairperson’s Report (PDF, 117kb)
Photos of Conference
Exploring Heritage In The Classroom: Towards Debalkinising Nation Building – Boitumelo Moreeng (PDF, 538kb)
Simplifying the assessment of heritage assignment – Buti Kompi (PDF, 235kb)
Carnarvon: Reflections on Attempts at Heritage – How to teach heritage in a meaningful way (PDF, 3,258kb)
Ideas from the conference – Dee Gillespie (PDF, 55kb)
Instructions for the French Revolution: Chain of events – Dee Gillespi (PDF, 66kb)
Why re-invent the wheel? – Dee Gillespi (PDF, 10,158kb)
Visiting struggle memorials – Jackie Grobler (PDF, 5,362kb)
Monument Trails – JPD Strauss (PDF, 4,103kb)

MONUMENT TRAILS Johann Strauss (NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus) (PDF, 54kb)

Monuments Of Patriotism: The Commemoration Of Warrior Kings In Limpopo Province, South Africa – Lawrence Thotse (PDF, 1,563kb)
THE HOLOCAUST: Lessons for humanity: Teaching the Holocaust in Post – Apartheid South Africa. – Marlene Silbert (PDF, 47kb)
4 Identity – Marlene Silbert (PDF, 920kb)
Starting Up a School Museum by Matthew Marwick (PDF, 1,567kb)
Why Heritage In History Curriculum? – Mosebetsi Mofokeng (PDF, 225kb)

The School As A Microcosm Of Communities And Their Heritage And The Need To Encapsulate This In The Writing Of School Histories – Paul M Haupt (PDF, 23kb)

The value and role of cemeteries: Designing a possible methodology for teaching heritage to History learners – Pieter Warnich (PDF, 406kb)
Empowering Secondary School Teachers To Teach History And Heritage Through Open And Distance Learning – Riette Lubbe (PDF, 112kb)
Getting your hands dirty – Simon Haw (PDF, 5,206kb)
Brandwater Basin (PDF, 756kb)
What’s in a monument – Simon Haw (PDF, 5,206kb)
The Power Of Power: Industrial Heritage in Development Projects and in the History Curriculum – Sue Krige (PDF, 16,073kb)
‘The Power Of Power’: The Uses Of Industrial Heritage, And Power Stations In Particular, In Contemporary Development Projects And In The History Curriculum – Sue Krige (PDF, 142kb)
How To Guide Learners To Ultimately Produce A Heritage Documentary Movie – Tienie Beukes (PDF, 1,537kb)