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CV Dr. Pieter Warnich

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Name and surname: Pieter Gabriël Warnich
Date of birth: 16 December 1957
Nationality: South African
Years of experience:
18 years as a secondary school History teacher and 9 years as a History education and Social Sciences lecturer.
Main focus
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Area of specialization
  • History Education
  • Curriculum Studies Development
  • Comparative education
  • Assessment and Pedagogy
  • PhD [North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus)]: 2008
  • BEd [University of Stellenbosch]: 1991
  • MA [HISTORY] (cum laude) [University of Stellenbosch]: 1988
  • HED [University of Stellenbosch]: 1982
  • BA Hons (cum laude) [University of Stellenbosch]: 1981
  • BA [University of Stellenbosch]: 1980
  • Matric [Strand High School]: 1975
  • 1976-1977: Instructor in the Infantry Division of the South African Defence Force.
  • 1985-1989: History and Afrikaans teacher at Point High School in Mossel Bay.
  • 1990-2003: Head of History Department, Paarl Boys’ High School.
  • 2004-2009: Lecturer, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus).
  • 31 October – 11 September 2009: Acting Director for the School of Curriculum-based Studies, Faculty of Educational Sciences, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus).
  • From 2010: Senior Lecturer, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus).
Current Teaching
  • Under-graduate: History teaching, learning and assessment (BEd I,II, III, IV)
  • Social Sciences Methodology (BEd IV)
  • Post-graduate: BEd Hons (Module: NAVR 611/RSPF 671)
Current research projects/interests
  • Assessment as educational practice (Assessment practices in higher, secondary, and primary education with specific reference to history education)
  • Comparative curriculum studies development in history teaching in the countries of Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and South Africa
Current administration
  • Responsible for the development, upgrading and quality assurance of various History and Social Sciences modules (2003 – 2011)
  • Subject Chair for History, Geography and Social Sciences (2008 – 2010).
  • Academic mentor for new appointed History lectures in Education at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus), 2005-2010.
Member of:
  • The management committee of the School for Curriculum-based Studies (2008 -2010)
  • The Advisory Counsel of the Faculty of Education (2008 – 2010)
  • The Teaching Committee of the Faculty of Education (2008 – 2011)
  • The Social Sciences Focus Group (2008 – 2010)
Academic output
Articles in educationally focused journals
2010: Warnich, P.G., Van Eeden, E.S. & Meyer, L. ‘n Vergelykende internasionale perspektief op die historiese verloop en invloed van Uitkomsgebaseerde Onderwys (UGO) op Geskiedenis as skoolvak in Suid-Afrika (Deel Twee).[A comparative international perspective on the historical course and influence of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) on History as a school subject in South Africa (Part 2)].New Contree, 59. May, pp. 85-110.
2009: Warnich, P.G., Van Eeden, E.S. & Meyer, L. ‘n Vergelykende internasionale perspektief op die historiese verloop en invloed van Uitkomsgebaseerde Onderwys (UGO) op Geskiedenis as skoolvak in Suid-Afrika (Deel Een)[A comparative international  perspective on the historical course and influence of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) on History as a school subject in South Africa (Part 1)].New Contree, 58. November, pp.183-207.
2008: Warnich, P.G.  Secondary School History Teachers assessing Outcomes-Based Education (OBE): A case study. Yesterday and Today, No.3 October 2008, pp.59-72.
2006: Warnich, P.G.  The Source-Based Essay Question (SBEQ) in History teaching for the further education and training (FET) phase. Yesterday and Today, March (Special edition), pp. 23-41.
2005: Warnich, P.G.  Using primary sources in the intermediate phase history : A systematic approach.  A Journal of teaching(A publication of the teacher development directorate of the Department of Education), No. 1, pp.47-55.
2005: Warnich,P.G.  The development of History lesson templates for Grades 10-12 by using an OBE format, North-West Province Department of Education, History:
Policy on Continuous Assessment (CASS) in the FET band.
2000: Warnich, P.G.Rugby Pearls from Paarl, SA Rugby Magazine, June, Vol 6, No 3.
1994: Warnich, P.G. Kommentaar op die toepassing van kontemporêre Geskiedenismateriaal op skoolvlak, Gister en Vandag, Okt., No. 28. (Commentary on the application of contemporary History material at school level, Yesterday and Today, Oct., No.28).
1993: Warnich, P.G. Boishaai bewaar vir die toekoms, Rostrum, (Tydskrif van die Kaaplandse Onderwysdepartement), Nov., Vol. 15, No. 2. (Boys’ High preserves for the future, Rostrum, (Journal of the Cape Education Department), Nov., Vol. 15, No. 2.
Chapters in academic books
2010: Warnich, P.G.  The planning of Outcomes-Based Assessment (OBA) in South African schools.  (In Meyer, L., Lombard, K.; Warnich, P. & Wolhuter, C. 2010.
Outcomes-Based Assessment for South African Teachers, Pretoria, Van Schaik).
2010: Warnich, P.G. & Wolhuter, C. Outcomes-Based Assessment (OBA) in South Africa: Issues and Challenges. (In Meyer, L., Lombard, K.; Warnich, P. & Wolhuter,
C. 2010. Outcomes-Based Assessment for South African Teachers, Pretoria, Van Schaik).
2010: Meyer, L. & Warnich, P.G. OBE and OBA in South African Schools: The way forward? (In Meyer, L., Lombard, K.; Warnich, P. & Wolhuter, C. 2010. Outcomes Based Assessment for South African Teachers, Pretoria, Van Schaik).
1988: MA: Die toepassing en invloed van Slawewetgewing in die Landdrosdistrik Tulbagh/Worcester, 1816 – 1830 (The application and influence of slave laws in the landdrost district Tulbagh/Worcester, 1816 – 1830).
2008: PhD: Uitkomsgebaseerde assessering van Geskiedenis in Graad 10 (Outcomes-Based Assessment of History in Grade 10).
Papers at conferences
2008: Grade 10 History teacher’s in South Africa assessing Outcomes-Based Assessment (Paper presented at the international national conference organized by the Association for the Study of Evaluation and Assessment in Southern Africa [ASEASA] held at the Centre for Evaluation and Assessment (CEA), University of Pretoria, 9-11 July 2008).
2008: The impact of Outcomes-Based Assessment (OBA) on History teachers in the senior secondary school phase (Paper presentedat the internationalconference in Tutzing,Germany organised by the Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing in co-operation with the Internationalen Gesellschaft für Geschichtsdidaktik, 8-10 September 2008).
2010: The value and role of cemeteries: Designing a possible methodology for teaching heritage to History learners (Paper presented at the South African Society for History Teaching held at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in the Free State Province, 24-25 September 2010).
2008: History teachers in the Further Education and Training (FET) band and Outcomes-Based Assessment (OBA): Issues, shortcomings and suggestions
(Paper presented at the South African Society for History Teaching held at the School of Education, University of Cape Town, 26-27 September 2008).
2006: Secondary school History teachers assessing Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) as the main principle of the National Curriculum Statement (NCS): a case study (Paper presented at the South African Society for History Teaching held at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus 21-22 September 2006).
2006: Die Brongebaseerde Opstelvraag (BGOV) in die assessering van die Geskiedenis in die VOO-band: Die pad vorentoe?  (Referaat gelewer by die OVSA-kongres, 18-21 Januarie 2006 wat aangebied is deur die Universitet van Vrystaat by die IIanga Estate in Bloemfontein). [The Source-Based Essay Question (SBEQ) in the assessment of History in the FET Band: The road ahead? (Paper presented at the EASA Congress held at the University of the Free State at the IIanga Estate in Bloemfontein).
2005: The Source-Based Essay Question (SBEQ) in History teaching (Paper presented at the South African Society for History Teaching held at St Henry’s Marist Brothers’ College in Durban, 23-24 September 2005).
1994: Deurlopende sillabusontwikkeling vir groter inhoudsrelevansie: Enkele didaktiese riglyne vir die toepassing van kontemporêre Geskiedenismateriaal op skoolvlak.  (Suid-Afrikaanse Historiese Genootskap, 19-21 Januarie 1994, Universiteit van Stellenbosch). (Continuous syllabus development for greater content relevance: Some didactical guidelines for the application of contemporary History material at school level, South African Historical Society, 19-21 January 1994, University of Stellenbosch).
Study Guides and Readers for under-graduate and post-graduate students
GSXN 125:  History Didactics
GSXN 325:  History Didactics
VGAK 511:  Subject Didactics of History
VGBK 521:  Subject Didactics of History
HISE 111:  Aspects of Ancient and Modern Word History
HISE 211:  Aspects of South African History(1836-1948)
HISE 221:  Aspects of African and 20th Century World History(1870-1990)
HISE 311:  Aspects of European and World History (1914-2000)
HISE 321:  Aspects of South African History (1948-2000)
HISD 321:  History Methodology
HISD 411:  History Methodology
HISD 511:  History Methodology
LASD 411:  Social Sciences Methodology
LASD 421:  Social Sciences Methodology
LASD 521:  Social Sciences Methodology
2006: Effective questioning – a practical instrument on how to formulate questions and the importance of the source-based questions (Presented at the History workshop on Empowering the History educator at the North-West University (Vaal Triangle Campus) in collaboration with the South African Society for History Teaching and the Gauteng Department of Education on 22 & 23 June 2006).
2004: Action research in classrooms. (a) To write an effective manual for doing a source-based study. (b) Gather examples of primary sources (for grade 9) which are to be analysed in accordance with the different methods of questioning. (Workshop for the Mpumalanga Department of Education, held at Sabie 26-29 January 2004).
Professional Society Membership
2008-2011: Die Internationale Gesellschaft für Geschichtsdidaktik (International  Society for History Didactics)
2005-2011: North-West Province representative for the South African Society for History Teaching
2005-2011: Member of the Historical Association of South Africa.
2005-2008; 2010- Member of the Executive Management of the South African Society for History Teaching.
Other career activities
2010- External moderator for the BEd Hons programme in Social Science and History offered at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of Yesterday & Today (An educationally focused journal, published in conjunction with The South African Society for History Teaching.

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CV Dr Boitumelo Moreeng

B m

ID NUMBER : 730727 5951087
CONTACT DETAILS : 073 269 1760 / 051 401 9730 (W) /


2010 UFS Assessment of learning in higher education (16 credits)
2010 UFS Introduction to qualitative research (4 credits)
2008 MAREMATLOU TRADING Financial management certificate (20 credits)
2008 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Quality assurance
2007 ASSESSMENT COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA Conduct outcomes-based assessment (15 credits)
2007 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Basic counselling skills
2007 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Life skills and hiv/aids education for secondary schools
2007 THE GENESIS GROUP Conflict management and facilitation skills
2006 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION National curriculum statement grades 10 -12
2001 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Outcomes based education
2000 STANDFORD BUSINESS COLLEGE Diploma in computer skills
2000 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Quality assurance
1999 SOUTH AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC TEACHERS UNION Workshop on education policies

2013 – Acting Head of School of Social Sciences and Language Education, Faculty of Education, UFS
Provide leadership and manage the daily activities within the school.
2011- – Discipline Co-ordinator for human and social sciences, Faculty of Education, University of the Free State

2009 – to date – Lecturer – Faculty of education – University of the Free State
Responsibilities – Academic coordinator for Practice teaching
– Lecturing undergraduate (B.Ed, ACE) and post graduates modules(Bed, PGDE)
– Supervising Masters and PhD students
Research interest – Teacher Education, Curriculum, Social Sciences and History Education, Qualitative Research Methodologies
2005 – 2008 – Subject Advisor – History – Free State Province
Responsibilties – Monitoring curriculum implementation and training teachers
2004 – Acting Deputy Principal – Sediti High School (Thaba Nchu)
2001 – 2004 – Head of department (Social Sciences and Languages) – Sediti High School
1995 – 2000 – Teacher – Goronyane High School, Thejane Middle School, Sehlabeng High

(two conference presentation to be made in September 2013 – 10-12 September at the University of Namibia, Windhoek, and the one at the South African Society for History Teachers Conference in Pietermaritzburg (27 – 28 September).
1- 3 October 2012 – 2nd Sustainable Rural Learning Ecologies International Colloquim, Qwaqwa – Towards a transformative school based history curriculum leadership – BB Moreeng
5-7 September 2012 – 18th National South African Principals Association Conference, Bloemfontein – Reflexive school-based curriculum leadership – BB Moreeng
10 July 2012 – Effective Teaching Conference, Motheo FET College, Thaba Nchu, Effective Teaching in the FET sector – BB Moreeng
24 – 26 November 2011 – 1st Sustainable Rural Learning Ecologies Colloquim, Qwaqwa – Reconceptualising the heritage project: the case for a postcolonial discourse – BB Moreeng.
14-16 November 2011 – International conference on teaching and learning (ICTL), Malaysia – Building partnerships in teacher training: Mentorship as stimulus for school based learning- G Alexander, MM van Wyk and BB Moreeng. [peer reviewed]
14-16 November 2011 – International conference on teaching and learning (ICTL), Malaysia – Education as transformation – MM van Wyk, G Alexander and BB Moreeng [peer reviewed]
31 October – 01 November 2011 – 4th Annual Teaching Practice Symposium, Potchefstroom – Constructing student-teachers identities via a university mentorship programme initiative: A case for school based learning – G Alexander, BB Moreeng and MM van Wyk.
31 October – 01 November 2011 – 4th Annual Teaching Practice Symposium, Potchefstroom – Rethinking peer assessment feedback to improve student learning – BB Moreeng and G. Alexander.
23 – 24 September 2011 – 16th Annual conference of the South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT), Willow Park, Johannesburg – Exploring the use of an assessment-centred learning environment in enhancing historical knowledge and skills – BB Moreeng
23 – 24 September 2011 – 16th Annual conference of the South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT), Willow Park, Johannesburg –Museums as centres of learning support for history teachers: An action learning and living history model– BB Moreeng and A Barclay.
24 -25 September 2010 – 15th Annual conference of the South African Society for History Teaching (SASHT), Golden Gate, Free State – Exploring heritage in the classroom: Towards Debalkinising nation building- BB Moreeng

Van Wyk MM, Alexander G & Moreeng BB. Education as Transformation: A case of a Faculty. South African Journal for Higher Education, 24(6): 1036-1051(2010)
Moreeng BB. Reconceptualising the teaching of Heritage in schools. South African Journal of Higher Education (in press)(2013)
Moreeng BB & du Toit ER. The powerful learning environment and history learners in the Free State Province. Yesterday and Today Journal (in press)(2013)
* (1 article currently under consideration in an internationally accredited journal- title Transformative Curriculum Leadership for Rural Ecologies

Two book chapters currently in press:
Oxford University Press – Language as a barrier to inclusion in the classroom
Van Schaik – Microteaching

Currently supervising 3 PhD students and 3 Masters students.
2013 – Member of the organizing team for the Sustainable Learning Environment Colloquium (October 29 -31) and the EASA conference (Jan 2014) – Responsible for the academic content of the conferences.

2013- Reviewer – The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa

2012 – Africa Century International African Writers Conference, 7-10 November 2012, UFS, Academic Team member and Panel Chair.
2012 – Organised History Teaching Workshops for schools in Motheo District- Free State Province.
2012 – Host and supervisor of the Fullbright History teacher (Craig Divis) from Vermont State, USA.
2012 – Assessment of research proposal for the National Research Foundation
2012 to date – External examiner for UNISA– D Ed and M Ed
2011 – to date UFS Internal examiner M Ed and PhD -students
2011 – Evaluator for Higher Education South Africa (HESA) – Grade 12 History examination papers.
2011 – Screener of History grade 10 textbooks – Department of Basic Education
2010 – to date : External moderator – history teaching modules University of Fort Hare.
2010 – to date : Reviewer – Perspectives in Education Journal
2011 – to date: Reviewer – Journal for Social Sciences and Perspectives in Education
2010 – to date: Regional coordinator (Free State) South African Society for History Teaching
2009 – Panelist during an academic dialogue on: Is over-population a deterrent for development, presented at the University of the Free State, 13 November 2009.

CV Siobhan Glanvill

photo of me

At present I am a lecturer in History in Education at the Wits School of Education. My responsibilities include ensuring that our pre-service teachers are exposed to academic History and to the latest approaches to the teaching of the subject in the primary schools and the high schools. The topics that I teach are Ancient Egypt, American colonial history, South Africa from 1838-1948, the Cold War and confronting traumatic pasts in teaching the Holocaust and scientific racism in Australia. Our BEd Programme at the Wits School of Education incorporates Historical Knowledge and pedagogy. My passion is to support young teachers is terms of teaching difficult and emotive subjects as I think it is something that we have tended to just take for granted in the past. I am completing my Masters research on investigating how our pre-service teachers in the Social Science Courses are challenged by not having a disciplinary background in History. Many of these young people have Geography as a Matric subject and are then expected to teach both subjects in primary schools and in some high schools up to Grade 9. This research has given me fresh insights into what it means to study history and ultimately to teach it. I look forward to sharing this with other teacher educators.

CV Jake Manenzhe


Surname : Manenzhe
First Name : Jacob
I.D. No. : 620312 5503080
Persal No. : 81051409

Addresses : Postal: Residential:
P. O. Box 289 2166 Dzanani DZANANI DZANANI
0955 0955

Telephone: Home : 015 970 4328
Work : 015 291 2601 (ext 150)
: 082 772 1162
Cell : 082 959 8075/

Date of Birth : 12 March 1962

Nationality : South African

Driving License : EC 1

Health : Good condition


2.1 Tertiary Education:

2.1.1 Current Studies:

Institution : University of Venda
Degree : PhD (History)
Year started : 2011

2.1.2 Completed Studies

Institution : University of Pretoria
Degree : Masters (History)
Year completed : 2007

Institution : University of the North (Limpopo)
Degree completed : Honours (History)
Year completed : 1997

Institution : UNISA
Degree : BA
Major Courses : History, Education & Biblical Studies
Year completed : 1991

Institution : Venda College of Education
Diploma completed : Secondary Teachers Diploma
Major Courses : History, Education & Biblical Studies
Year completed : 1985

2.2 High School Education:

School : Mphephu High School
Certificate : National Senior Certificate
Year completed : 1981

2.3 Other qualifications (for Skills Acquisition)

Service Provider : University of Pretoria (through SAMDI)
Course Certificate : Advanced Management Development Programme (AMDP)
[Including amongst other skills, Project Management; Public Finance Management (PFM) and Strategic Management]
Completed : March 2008.

Service Provider : ETDP.SETA (through Quality Executive Development)
Certificate : Mentorship
Completed : March 2007

Service Provider : ETDP.SETA (Ndzalama Competency Learning CC)
Certificate : Skills Development Facilitation
Completed : January 2007

3. Examiner and marking experience

 Served as Examiner for the National Senior Certificate examinations (History Gr. 12) for the 2011 – 2013 cycle
 Coordinates and contributes to the development of provincial common controlled tests and mid –year examinations.
 Served as Senior Marker for History Paper 2 from 2008 to 2011 (at Limpopo province)
 Developed standardized or common controlled tests for Soutpansberg Cluster in Vhembe District (2007 – 2008)
 Served as a marker for History Paper 2 for Final (Course III – for Teacher Training Colleges) exams in Limpopo province from 1996 to 1998.

4. Development of material:

 Author for History Grades 11 and 12 LTSM for Via Afrika
 Develop Learner’s Self Study and Teacher Guides for History for Limpopo Education Department


5.1 Head Office: (01 May 2009 up to date)

5.1.1 Directorate: FET Schools

Position held: Deputy Chief Education Specialist

Key responsibilities:
 Coordinates History at Provincial level
 Develop History guides, tools and other support material to both teachers and learners
 Monitor and Support Districts for adherence to Curriculum implementation and management in History
 Coordinate Provincial CASS moderation in History
 Provide support to Curriculum Advisors based at District and Circuit level
 Conduct training workshops to History Curriculum advisors based at District and Circuit level
 Receive and consolidates reports from Districts into a Provincial report
 Implement projects and programmes that are meant to improve learner performance
 Takes responsibility for any project whenever mandated by the Directorate or the Branch

5.2 Vhembe District (01 May 2004 – 30 April 2009)

5.2.1 Nzhelele West Circuit Office (01 February 2007 – 30 April 2009)

Position held : Acting Curriculum Adviser

Key responsibilities and skills acquired:

 School support program (Subject Advisory) for History in Vhembe
 District CASS (Continuous Assessment) moderation for Gr. 10 – 12
 Served in the Provincial CASS moderation for Gr. 12 History
 Train and workshop educators on the Generic part and on the Subject
Specific (History) of the National Curriculum Statements (NCS)
 Member of the Provincial Core Training Team for the NCS.
 Served as team leader for the District History Curriculum Advisers
 Writing and compiling reports for all History District activities
 Served as a member of the Skills Development Facilitators Committee for the District (Vhembe).

5.2.2 Schoemansdal EMPC (01 May 2004 – 31 January 2007 )

Position held : Education Specialist

Key responsibilities and skills acquired:

 School support program (Subject Advisory) for History in Vhembe
 District CASS (Continuous Assessment) moderation for Gr. 10 – 12 History
 Provincial CASS moderation for Gr. 12 History
 Train and workshop educators on the generic part of the National
Curriculum Statements (NCS) and on the Subject Specific details for History.
 Member of the Provincial Core Training Team for the NCS
 Writing and compiling reports for History activities in the District.
 Served as an SDF (Skills Development Officer) for Schoemansdal
 Served as a member of the Skills Development Facilitators Committee for the District (Vhembe).
 Screener for the Gr. 10 LTSM in 2004.

5.3 Mopani District (01 January 1995 – 30 April 2004)

5.3.1 Ritavi District Office and Tivumbeni EMPC (Jan 1999 – April 2004)

Positions held : Senior Education Specialist

Key responsibilities and skills acquired:

 School support program in GET (HSS) and FET (History).
 Set Outcome Based Assessment Tasks for Gr. 7 in Nkowankowa
 Organized and facilitated workshops for Gr. 12 educators in the then Region 5 (now Mopani District) on the new format and assessment of History as a National Examined Subject.
 Organized and facilitated C2005 (OBE) and OBE Infusion workshops for GET and FET respectively.
 Served as Mopani District History (CASS) moderator for Gr. 10–12.
 Served in the Provincial panel for moderating CASS in History.
 Served as Secretary and compiled Monthly, Quarterly and Annual
reports for the Centre for Professional Development (CPD) at
 Served as Common Examinations Coordinator for the former Region 5 in 2001.
 Gr. 10 – 11 Common Examinations Manager (2002 – 2003)
 Managed the GET National (Gr. 9) Common Tasks for Assessment (CTA) Examinations. (2002 – 2003)

5.3.2 Tivumbeni College of Education (1995 – 1998)

Position held : Lecturer

Key responsibilities and skills acquired:

 Served as History lecturer in the Human and Social Sciences
 Served as Courses II and III Academic and Didactic lecturer for
 Served as Courses I and II lecturer for Biblical studies.
 Served as Minutes Secretary for the HSS Department.
 Served as sub-examiner for History III Paper II for college students.
 Served as Boarding Master (taking care of the social welfare of
students staying in the hostel).

5.4 Masereni Secondary School (1986 – 1994)

Position held : Teacher and Head of Department

Key responsibilities:
 Served as teacher no. 2 with administrative and managerial
 Finance Manager (Treasurer) of the School
 Taught History from Gr. 10 – 12
 Promoted to and served as Head of Department of the Social Sciences from July 1994

6. Leadership and community involvement (including interests)

u Coordinate the Curriculum Branch during Sports Fun Day
u Responsible for an Education portfolio in church.
u Present Motivational Talks to learners in schools as per invitation and over radio
u Educational trips organizer for Tivumbeni from 1998 to 2003.
u Serve in the Manenzhe Royal Council in advisory capacity.
u Member of a masters soccer team.
u Member of an athletic team (runs half, standard and ultra marathons).

CV Lindinxiwala Mahlasela

Personal details
Name Lindinxiwa Mahlasela
Physical Address 12 Persus Road, Pollsmoor, 7945
Date of Birth 27 December 1974 Cell-phone 083 681 5139
ID number 7412275760080 E-mail Address
Gender Male Marital Status Married
Home Language IsiXhosa Alternative number 083 343 2962
Nationality African Other Languages English
Interests and hobbies Reading and keeping up with trends in education and history, community development initiatives, mentorship and sport.

Educational background: Tertiary education
Institution Course of Study
University of South Africa (UNISA) 2012 Bachelor of Arts Honors (History)
Nationalism and social change, practice of history, forging South African identities, themes from modern South African history and research report in history.
University of Transkei/ Walter Sisulu University of Technology (WSU) 2000 Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAED)
Education and History (majors)
Modules Education i, ii & iii; History i, ii & iii; IsiXhosa i & ii; Psychology i, German i, school librarianship, communication skills in English, educational technology, curriculum studies in history, curriculum studies in IsiXhosa and teaching practice in IsiXhosa and history.

Secondary Schooling
Matriculated 1994 Last high school attended Ngwenze Senior Secondary School
Subjects Passed IsiXhosa HG, English HG, Biology HG, History HG, Economics HG and Agriculture SG
Extra-mural activities  Member of the school’s debating society.
 Member of the under 17 and under 19 athletics and soccer teams.

Employment history
Institution Iziko Museums of South Africa
Position held Senior Educator: Social History
Period August 2011–to date
 Develop and co-ordinate implementation of education programmes in social history.
 Co- ordinate all social history -based interfaces with relevant directorates and institutions.
 Audience development and external education programmes.
 Co-ordinate the training and professional development of educators, assistant educators, and technical staff and facilitate peer learning exchanges within EPP.
 The planning and implementation of the monitoring of training interventions.
 Facilitate and conduct teacher development sessions (workshops and seminars).
 Develop and manage annual and operational plans.
 Develop and update educational material for Iziko website.
 Co-ordinate monitoring and evaluation in relation to social history education programmes.
 Quality- assure programmes developed for learners and educators.
 Assist with Performance Appraisal.
 Administrative duties, including, budgeting, reporting and risk management Performance Appraisal.
 Supervise social history museum educators.
 Facilitate interface with community organizations.
 Align social history educational material with the national curriculum.
 Ensure optimal utilization of the institution’s resources.
 Provide input in respect of the operational management
Institution Shikaya/ Centre for Human Rights Education
Position held Programme Associate
Period February 2009– July 2011
 Initiate projects and programmes that seek to expand the work of the organization.
 Determine the strategic direction of the organization.
 Promote the work of the organization by building networks with individuals, government departments and other non-governmental organizations that advocate for human rights.
 Organize; design and conduct (facilitate) seminars and workshop for teachers and students.
 Develop content for relevant learning areas
 Sharing best practices with relevant stakeholders
 Develop and implement intervention strategies.
 Develop teacher support material.
 Monitor and provide support to teachers in the implementation phase.
 Participate in online workshops.
 Study the GET and FET history and life orientation curriculums in order to make appropriate links with Facing the Past resources and methodologies.
 Secretariat duties; contribute to Shikaya’s newsletter, maintain database, report writing and upload resources to the organization’s website.

Institution Icon independent High School
Position Educator
Period 1 February 2008- 30 July2010
Responsibilities  Grade 10, 11 and 12 teacher. Teach IsiXhosa, history and Life Orientation.
 Development of learning programmes, schedules and lessons.
 Identification and selection of teacher support material.
 Identification and selection of learner support material.
 Quality -assure programmes.
 Examination and interpretation of curriculum content.
 Assessment and reporting.
 Mentoring and supervision.

Institution Kayamandi High School
Position held 1 April 2006- 30 January 2008
Period Educator
 Grade 8, 9 and 10 educator. Teach social science, history, Life Orientation and arts and culture.
 Development of learning programmes, schedules and lessons.
 Identification and selection of teacher support material.
 Identification and selection of learner support material.
 Quality -assure programmes.
 Examination and interpretation of curriculum content.
 Assessment and reporting.
 Assist with Integrated Quality Management Systems (IQMS).
 Mentoring and supervision.
 Member of school’s governing body (SGB) representing teachers.
 Class teacher.

Institution Bulumko Secondary School
Position held Educator
Period 1 June 2002- 30 March 2006

 Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 educator.
 Development of learning programmes, schedules and lessons.
 Identification and selection of learner teacher support material (LTSM).
 Quality -assure programmes.
 Examination and interpretation of curriculum content.
 Mentoring and supervision.
 Member of the school’s examination committee (question papers and script storage, invigilator’s schedules, recording marks and compiling grade’s schedules, promotions, and issuing out reports).
 Assist with Integrated Quality Management Systems (IQMS).
 Member of the school’s governing body (teacher component)
 Member of school governing body (representing teachers).

Awards and achievements
Year Description
2010 Distinguished Awards in Teaching. The award is offered by the United States, State department to teachers from many countries around the world. Applicants write proposal that they will spend 5 months researching at a university in the United States. I won the award in 2010 and spent 5 months at the University of Maryland investigation theories, policies and practices that may explain, and improve the pass rate of matric students from disadvantaged communities in South Africa. I took masters classes at the university (education for marginalized communities and curriculum development classes), met district managers, attended symposiums and colloquiums and visited best performing schools interviewing teachers and principals.

2010 Digital Media and innovation workshop. I was selected to attend a week’s workshop in Boston, USA. The workshop explored strategies of using digital media in schools to promote human rights education.

2011 Chief Albert Luthuli Award. I was invited by the Western Cape education Department to adjudicate in the provincial finals. Chief Luthuli Award is a national competition initiated by the national department, Basic education. Grade 9- 11 learners are invited to investigate a topic of their choice within different categories that are set by the department.

2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010. I taught grade 12 and achieved a pass rate of over 80% in all these years.

Key competencies
Description Competency

Management and Administration
 Research (qualitative and quantitative)
 Conceptual and analytical skills
 Facilitation and presentation
 Quality assure programmes
 Financial management
 Supervision and monitoring
 Rendering professional support
 Planning
 Project management
 Liaison with stakeholders and partners (both internal and external)
 Report writing
 Computer programmes, MS Outlook, Ms Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Email and internet explorer, access and file management.
 Design and conduct seminars and workshop for GET and FET educators as well as tertiary students.

 Research (qualitative and quantitative)
 Planning and presentation
 Supervision and monitoring
 Report writing
 Communication skills
 Interacting with stakeholders
 Assessment and Evaluation
 Knowledge of GET and FET policies and protocols.
 Team building and management
 Project management.
 Identification and selection of resources.
 Conflict resolution mechanisms
 Performance appraisal (IQMS).

CV Mr. Barry Firth

SASHT Photo's 1 (30)


D.O.B.    16 September 1967


2013   Attained M Ed ( distinction in dissertation)    UCT

2009   Attained  B. Ed (Honours)                                  UNISA

1990   Attained  HDE ( Human Movements Studies) U.W.C

Teaching Experience:

1990 -1997      Taught History at Carnarvon Secondary School.        (History and English)

1997 – 2002     Taught at Hoërskool Carnarvon                                    (History and English))

2003                Steenberg High School  and Grassy Park High School (English)

2004 – 2008     Taught at Khanyisa Education Centre (Limpopo)       (Social Sciences)

2009 – current  Teach History ( GET and FET) at Crestway High         (Cape Town)

I have taught at a number of schools. High and Primary , rural and urban, state and private, yet the challenges have been remarkably similar. Learners show an interest in their past regardless of their own economic and social challenges. It is my hope and ambition that teachers of history transcend their own economic and social challenges to focus on guiding learners to acquire the tools to not only understand the narratives of the past but enable them to pass critical comment and participate meaningfully in the debates that permeate our young democracy.

I have a special interest in textbooks. Textbooks are likely to be the only “historical texts” many learners will encounter. How textbooks create or stifle space and opportunities for the development of a historical gaze is a landscape I feel needs further exploration

CV Wilfred Chauke

wilfred chauke



ADDRESS                          :  P.O. Box 2548 Giyani 0826, House 1544 E Giyani 0826

E-MAIL ADDRESS               :

PHONE NUMBER                :  082 709 2525, 082 562 8772, 015 812 1842 (W)

IDENTITY NUMBER             :  650414 5934 08 4

HOME LANGUAGE                :  Xitsonga


QUALIFICATIONS               : Matric – Giyani High School (1984), STD – Tivumbeni College of
Education (1986-1988), BA (1986-1990), BA Hons (1986-1990)
UNISA, Programme and Project Management – Wits University
Graduate School of Public and Development Management (2003-2004)


CURRENT POST                 :  History Curriculum Advisor – Mopani District (2007 to date)

PREVIOUS POSTS              : Education Specialist – Mopani & Vhembe Districts (2001-2007)
History Lecturer – Shingwedzi College of Education (1993-2001)

Teacher – Giyani High School (1989-1993)

Magwagwaza High School – Assistant Teacher (1985)


INSTITUTION                     : Sub-MEO – Giyani IEC (2000 – 2009)

HOBBIES                                : Playing, Soccer, Chess, Tennis, Watching Sport, News


CV Rika Odendaal



 Rika Odendaal-Kroon 

e-mail :



Current Position
Deputy principal – Rand Girls’ School
SASHT Portfolio: History Olympiad developments and Web-quiz
I have a very positive outlook on life and therefore regard myself as someone who has the natural ability to motivate and inspire people.In terms of demonstrating leadership in directing education in general I believe in creating a stimulating and supportive learning and teaching environment, and fostering links between the educational institution and real life situation for the benefit of both the institution and the student.
1984:  BA – Ed (RAU)1986:  BA – Hons (RAU)2006:  Accredited Assessor UNW2014:  Masters in Education – UJ
Work Experience
2006 Assessor for Accredited Assessors Course offered by University of North West
2007 – 2008 Appointed by UNISA as compiler of study guide for Certificate Course for History teachers
February 2008 Trained History educators of the Free State
2008 – 2012 Part time lecturer at University of Johannesburg teaching Subject Methodology History
2010- current Appointed as Deputy Principal of Rand Girls School
2006 Presented paper on Assessment in the FET phaseAnnual conference of SASHT
2008 Released 2 CD through UNISA:

  • Teaching History in the FET band
  • Teaching Social Science Grade 7-9
2009 Received National Teachers Award in D9 for leadership
2011 Presented paper: Teaching Teenagers using Teenage ToolsAnnual conference of SASHT